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Stéphane, 47 est votre guide local à Paris

Paris and then some ... (Sweet and Sweeter) - You can't be in Paris and walk past Chocolatiers, Macarons shops and other sweet delicacies without stopping by.
Cariboo, c'est quoi ?
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Paris and then some ... (Sweet and Sweeter)

You can't be in Paris and walk past Chocolatiers, Macarons shops and other sweet delicacies without stopping by. In this tour you will not only get to try a large selection of those delicacies (ranging from Meringue, to chocolate through the original SBC (Salted Butter Caramel) and many others) but also will you get a true insight of the city of Paris with details about the life style, modern and past habits of Parisians and some often forgotten landmark that have their own passionate stories to to tell you .

Paris and then some ... (Savoury and Wine)

Not much into sweets and croissants? How about something savoury? You like Cheese? Did you know that what is usually shown to you is only the tip of the Iceberg? And how can you go along with cheese without some wine and bread? Sprinkle everything with a pinch of Landmarks and hidden Paris location and you have a perfect morning at hands.


Always visited a country and landmarks wishing you had a little bit of time to actually find your favorite hobby shop ? An Airsoft store, second hand Comics books, Gothic/Kawai clothing ? Search no more, name it and I will help you finding it

This time is War

Paris has seen it's fair share of fighting through the ages and some have left traces either on the buildings, places or with statues and monuments. Want to know more?
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Anglais,  Espagnol,  Français,  Japonais.
Quelques mots sur moi
Parisien nearly born but definitely bred I have been showing the City of Light for over 20 years, first to my foreigner friends visiting me while I was student and now as a living for people who want to find out more about this tiny city.
Paris is a very small capital a little over 100Km², that is 15 times smaller than London and 23 times smaller than Tokyo.
This also means that Paris is very accessible, you can walk through it in half a day, since Baron Haussman redesigned the streets of the Capital you reach a landmark only to find out that there is another one a the end of the street a few blocks away.
As a Parisian I don't own a car, why do so when you have a intricate transport system composed of buses, trams, metros and commuting trains combined with a very cheap pass that can take nearly anywhere within the city?
Therefor I get to go around by foot or buses extensively, finding out new spots even after over 25 years experience.
This is this experience and knowledge that I do want to share with you today.
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