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Quentin, 28

Cool thing to do in Paris - What to do in Paris for a visit attraction? What is Cariboo?
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    • World Exhibition
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    • Tuileries
    • missing monuments
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    • 1900
    • Field March
    • Left Bank
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    • eiffel tower
    • Metro
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    • green corridor south of Paris
    • flea market
    • Montparnasse
    • The Butte-aux-Cailles
    • Grenelle
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A journey through time through the use of the stereoscope, an antiquity of more than 120 years, the very first 3D! 3 different routes: - By visiting the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Between the Trocadero and the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower; A journey through time to discover the most flamboyant event of the Belle Époque. - History and reliefs of the city of light. Historic or even ancient Paris ... From the origins of the city to the great Haussmann works on and around the island of the City. "Look at the disappeared Paris." For the nostalgic, a walk in the green between the garden of the Tuileries and the bridge Alexander III. Destruction of the Commune at the end of the Great War. A professional historian, I gathered for this visit period views (between 1860 and 1920) in order to make you rediscover a Paris that has disappeared. The only visit that allows you to explore the Halles Baltard (today destroyed) or that plunges you back into the Universal Exhibition of 1900! In order to see in relief, you must see with both eyes. Prefer the contact lenses to the glasses (nevertheless, the device allows a focus and adapts to your view).
The Metro 6 is aerial and it is the most beautiful in Paris (believe me, it was my opposite for 6 years;). But it is also the second oldest line that takes up the location of the Wall of the Farmers General, the enclosure of Paris until 1860. Let me take you to the unknown areas of Grenelle, Montparnasse, Denfert-Rochereau to finish Have a drink at the Butte-aux-Cailles. To discover on foot and by metro (to envisage a ticket by the day) or by bike for the sportsmen (Vélib 'with many cycling paths).
For those who get up early on the weekend, I suggest you go hunt in the other market at the Puces de Paris. Smaller than that of Saint-Ouen, it is nevertheless there that one makes good business. I will then take you to the Market of the old books of Georges Brassens Park, very close. And then, it is the opportunity to make you discover my neighborhood and its history.
The green run of the south of Paris is very unknown. And for good reason, this "linear park" was initially reserved for the line of railway from Paris to Chartres by Gallardon, never completed, then for the extension of the A10 motorway to Paris which was abandoned ... Today, Hui 14 km of greenery arranged and cyclable. What a good stroll for the Parisians who can not any more of the city. I propose you to do it by bike passing by the park of Sceaux where you can picnic. Plan to rent a bike by the day (about 20 € per person - I can take care of the formalities).
A practical guide of the 15th by one of its inhabitants. From the beginning of your stay, let me show you where you landed. Let us meet you in front of your hotel or your hiring for a walk. On the program: where are the nice restaurants, where to go out in the evening, where to market, where to go shopping, how to get around, what to visit? Paris Paris, its good plans and its leisure far from tourists (do you know the small belt for example?) Then, with a drink, I will help you to make the program of your stay in all Paris, according to your desires. My English is not perfect, which makes me a good French;). But I would be delighted to show my Paris to indulgent anglophone travelers (I'm not that bad, do not worry).
A visit to the discovery of the small heritage of this town which was only a village 100 years ago. A return on the past, especially thanks to the use of old postcards.
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Professional historian and a Parisian practitioner, I offer historical tours of the City of Light. I have the taste of the unusual and often the "little history" takes on high but you will leave necessarily having learned something... if not I offer you an ice cream !
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Guide très sympa et passionné/passionnant ! L'utilisation des stéréoscopes afin d'observer des clichés de l'exposition universelle de 1900 a rendu la visite unique ! Nous la conseillons :)

6 months ago

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