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Inès, 25

The walkways in the 19th century - Who knew that the Second Empire could go to the Royal Palace to the Grands Boulevards on dry land? Discover walkways, in thei What is Cariboo?
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Who knew that the Second Empire could go to the Royal Palace to the Grands Boulevards on dry land? Discover walkways, in their diversity, their history, the technical innovations that have been introduced and their current conversion. (In private visit, possibility of a route 2:30)
Hurry? Discover the must in an hour from the Louvre Museum, from ancient civilizations to the great masterpieces of French nineteenth, not to mention Michelangelo's Slaves. Please note: the museum entrance is 15 € per adult, free for children under 26 nationals of the European Union. Tickets not included in the tour price.
Travel through the history of mansions through the semi-private courtyards and narrow streets unchanged for centuries. Hotel Carnavalet in the Ile Saint-Louis, do not miss these architectural and historical riches.
Change your view of the most famous cathedral in France. Discover its rich iconography through stained glass, sculpture and painting. Take time to admire its façade, portals towers. Meet the saints who live there and let yourself be seized by its special atmosphere, rich in history and symbols. Be sure to shop around to discover the architectural innovations of the Gothic style.
essential area of ​​the Left Bank, mixing it remains among the oldest in Paris, a student atmosphere and a bustling tourist hub. For a young and dynamic Paris!
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About me
24 years old, an art Historian, I am also young guide-lecturer. I have done my studies in art history at the Sorbonne and my license professional guide-lecturer at Nanterre. I live next to Saint-Germain-en-Laye, but my heart remains in Paris.

Through my studies, I was taken to Paris run to and fro, and looking for the history and significance of small details that make Paris this unique city. What I love about this city is that it surprises us every time: discovering new unsuspected views of the Eiffel Tower, resting in deserted gardens for tourists, finding yourself in the country leaving a boulevard...

Museums are my passion: the world we met there, both in visitors in the works that contemplate. When I was younger, I went a little by duty, and I did not understand what was represented, history, or the symbol that the artist wanted to convey to us. It is this reason that prompted me to become an art historian, to become a true mediator between art and the viewer.

I offer tours of quality, adapted to my public, with interaction, relaxation and cheerfulness.
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Selon mon amie Gloria la visite était très intéressante. Merci pour Elle.

1 month ago

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Très jolie balade dans le 1er arrondissement, à la découverte des galeries et passages couverts.

4 months ago

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Visite des passages couverts et la vie aristocratique dans le marais avec Inès 2 belles balades et découvertes parisiennes. La météo était avec nous: Pluie pour les passages couverts et Grand soleil pour le Marais aristocratique. Inès avait très bien préparé ces promenades , elle était très à l'aise avec ces 2 sujets, et semblait goûter autant que nous ces lieux chargés à la fois d'histoire et de culture. Elle nous a fait marcher d'un bon pas, et le timing était parfaitement respecté. Elle nous a donné envie de retourner sur ces lieux. Inès a été un excellent guide, souriante, attentive et cultivée, heureuse de nous faire découvrir ce qu'elle avait découvert elle-même et qui la réjouissait.

4 months ago

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Le thème de la visite était très bien (les passages couverts). Nous avons beaucoup apprécié notre visite et notre guide Inès.

5 months ago

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