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Georges, 65

Stroll in the historic heart of Paris - A walk of discovery in the historic heart of Paris (right bank) around the Royal Palace, Place des Victoires, and the qu What is Cariboo?
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A walk of discovery in the historic heart of Paris (right bank) around the Royal Palace, Place des Victoires, and the quartier Montorgueil, near the Halles. A visit to timeless covered galleries built in the first half of the 19° century, through the financial district, journalism, gastronomy and fashion.
Montorgueil is located in the historical heart of Paris, near les Halles old market. This district is bordered on the East by a royal road (rue Saint-Denis), and to the West by the old road leading to the Butte Montmartre (rue Montmartre). Fortunately for us, the great works of urbanization of the past centuries, with the creation of the rue Etienne-Marcel to the South and the rue Réaumur, have preserved its original historic character. Its cobbled streets are narrow, its houses, its covered passages are invitations to walk and daydream. The rue Montorgueil, which crosses it, is a pedestrian street buzzing with lots of eateries - its quaint cafés and small restaurants are very friendly. Montorgueil is a place that is increasingly attracting a clientele of young and trendy people.
At the end of the 19th century, the architectural standards were relaxed and the inventiveness of the architects was released. New urban forms were emerging through the use of new materials, iron and concrete. Stroll in the rue Réaumur, taking the time to contemplate the profusion of decorative facades, is to discover the intrusion of art in a district dedicated to commerce, to the press and to the textile industry.
Let's go back in time, by the rue Montmartre, from the Grands Boulevards, with its cafes, restaurants, theatres and cinemas, to go up to les Halles, "the belly of Paris", with its specialty shops in the French gastronomy. We will discover the heart of the finance (Paris stock Exchange), the masterpieces of the architecture of the Belle Epoque (rue Réaumur), and the old district of the written press (rue Crescent). We will walk along a busy street, witness of history and bustling city of Paris through the ages, and which is built on the path that leads to the hill of Montmartre.
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Paris, France
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About me
My name is George and I've lived for several years in the bustling area of Sentier / Bonne Nouvelle (Paris, 2nd arr.).

"Young," active pensioner, knowledgeable about the district and engaged in several community associations, I take great pleasure in leading tours of the heart of historic Paris for friends and passing travellers who are curious to explore the many facets of the "City of Light".

Every day, I walk around the Royal Palace, the Opera and the Grands Boulevards, with my camera, looking for architectural, historical and social 'nuggets' for my page Facebook "Discover Paris with Georges"

To appreciate the art of living as a Parisian, I organise the tours for a limited number of people (no more than 4).

I believe it's good to take some time to talk, walk in the narrow streets, browse the galleries, go into small boutique and enjoy a bite to eat in a Parisian bistro...

In short, to ensure that the trip is an unforgettable moment of pleasure and sharing between new friends.
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We spent a delightful morning strolling around historic Paris with George. He was knowledgeable, pleasant, and accommodating of our specific interest in architecture and design. He showed us hidden gems which we would never have seen or visited without him. He has a deep knowledge of the city's history and layout, highly recommended.

8 months ago

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Georges I am sorry it took this long to adequately thank you for the wonderful experience we had last month while visiting Paris. Our time with you was a highlight of our trip and we enjoyed your company immensely. Your passion for the city, its unique architecture, history, and culture was contagious and invigorating. We wish we could have spent more time living and learning the city through your eyes! We will be back, and I assure you we will request more time with you. Ed & Susan

9 months ago

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Georges went above and beyond the call of guide duty. Full of info and giving of his time and knowledge, we were thrilled with his Parisian inside scoop.

11 months ago

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I contacted Georges on a short notice, with only 3-4 days left until me & my mom's Paris trip. As mom had only been on package trips before, I wanted to give her an authentic Paris experience and booked local-lead tours through Cultival, 2CV Paris tour, Indigo Paris (lead by Korean-born Parisiennes), and Cariboo. In short, Georges' tour was the most intimate, informative, and detailed tour of them all. He lead us through the roads and covered passageways of Paris, and taught us how to read the symbolism in the facades of buildings we passed(This was highly useful throughout the rest of our stay in Paris as well). He also lead us into some of his favorite shops, some which had been around for over 2 centuries! Time flew by, and my only regret is that we had to check out by 13:00 from our hotel and thus couldn't spend more time with him. He even escorted us back to our hotel, saying that he lived close by! Georges was a real gentleman throughout the trip, and his tour is a great way to navigate the inner streets of Paris and receive inner tips that can only be provided by a local. Just before writing this comment I asked my mother which of the guided tours she had enjoyed the most, and without hesitation she picked Georges' tour, saying "it felt like we were being guided by a friend of the family" and made her feel like she was experiencing the real Paris. Thank you for giving my mother and I such a wonderful experience Georges!

1 year ago

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Before our planned visit to Paris, Georges got in touch and our itinerary was agreed as was date and meeting point and place. Georges was punctual, polite and charming. He quickly went at the pace to suit our group of 4 animated sisters. Our tour took us to parts of Paris we've never seen before and Georges covered all aspects - daily Parisienne life, history, geography, culture, politics, food and fashion.... Probably more than that! It was a comfortable easy tour with lots to see and experience. The time passed so quickly and we were sorry that it had to end. We are determined that we shall come back to Paris for a longer stay and repeat this tour (if only for the fashion) and undertake another! Very good value for money and just a perfect afternoon!

1 year ago

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Cette visite Cariboo à été une très belle expérience. C'est passionnant de découvrir autant de choses sur un quartier que l'on croit connaître. Bravo à notre guide à la fois compétent et sympathique. Et merci pour ces échanges.

1 year ago

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